Kieren and his less than stellar enthusiasm about his epitaph.

Amazing, beautiful show. 

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Now What? - Willowy - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]

"You only got to second?” JJ said, her eyes catching his.

"What? What are you talking about? Second base, what’s… oh."

Reid flushed red as he took her meaning.

"I didn’t… I mean…JJ I…," he stammered.

She stood up and beamed at him, dusting her Cheeto fingers off on her jeans, then rested her hands on his shoulders as she passed him. She leaned down and whispered “Don’t worry Spence, somebody will show you how to hit a home run one of these days.”

She ruffled his hair and laughed, moving away to find little Henry. Whenever they came to Emily’s bbqs he had a habit of running off with Sergio, the cat.

Spencer was mortified. First, that wasn’t what he had meant, he had just been playing a board game with that girl in the park. Secondly, secondly…

If I could choose anyone to show me how to hit a home run it would be you,” he thought.


I am Sam Weir

Spoiler TV: Criminal Minds - 10 Questions with Composers Marc & Steffan Fantini

1. Criminal Minds is entering its tenth season this fall and has notched up over 200 episodes. How has your scoring matured as the series has aged?

Steffan: Hopefully we have grown as story tellers musically. We have been told that our music is a big character of the show which is very humbling and also very exciting. I think we constantly want to push the envelope musically and I think the producers and everyone else involved encourage that very much. We try to never repeat ourselves and the mandate is to make each episode a one hour feature film at the highest level possible. We are constantly looking for and creating different sounds, themes and textures which are unique to each episode. I think one of the many reasons Criminal Minds does so well is that the audience can tune into an episode in any season and they will be pulled in to this feature film type show without ever having had to see a previous episode.

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GIF MEME | Wash x Zoë + Quotes
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He takes my breath. Daily.


on full moons i transform into my paintings


Oostende, Belgium
July 20th, 2014
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Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

I need context. Without context, I am formulating theories. He was a hairdresser before he got his big break. He has daughters and learned to braid their hair. He lost a bet to Bradley Cooper. He thought the intern was cute and he knows that most women like having their hair played with and this is how he flirts. Am I close?

Gentlemen and Rogues, take note. 

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so apparently on halloween of 1998 mtv had special called “videos that don’t suck” in which the btvs cast introduced some of their favorite music videos and the special went on all day and they’re all so cute you should all watch this

part one

part two

part three

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i promised the world’s craziest Q&A and i think we delivered. this is ricky after losing the joke contest to me.

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